Here's some information about the application process and what we're looking for, and how all this is going to go down. 


First, you apply. Our application is geared toward finding out whether you’re a good fit for what we’re doing. “Good fit” means a few things: Do we like your writing in general? Do we think one of us will really be able to help you make it better? Does it seem like spending four days in close quarters in the middle of the Pennsylvania countryside might be cool for you? For us? 

If you’re selected, then we’ll ask you to pay. Your registration fee covers everything, including lodging and meals. None of it will be fancy, but it will be nice, and you’ll have a bed and food and lots of new writer friends to hang out with. You’ll have to pay pretty soon after application so we can be sure you’re serious about coming, and we can work to fill your spot if it turns out you can’t make that happen for whatever reason. 

If you're interested in either/both camps: it makes our lives easier to have to separate applications, but we know that's kind of a pain. Feel free to use the exact same bio, writing sample, etc on both applications, and let us know if you have preferred dates. (And thanks for filling out the application twice! When we did a combined application there were so many spreadsheets and so much color coding and a lot of if-thens and it all got pretty intense.)

Application fee: There is no application fee. That would be way too much like a submission fee, and we're super loudmouths about how lame those are. 

Application Deadline: Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. The application process is short and easy. If you're interested in camp, apply as soon as possible, as spots may fill quickly.

Refund Policy:

  • Cancellations four weeks or more prior to camp will receive 50% of their payments refunded.
  • Cancellations between a month and one week before camp will receive 25% of their payments refunded.  
  • No refunds will be granted within one week of camp.


Actually? We're going to have to wait until next year. Thanks for your interest in Writer Camp, and check back here in February for our 2019 camp dates.


Like all other good literary things, our application is over on Submittable. Here's what we'll ask for: 

  • A brief bio
  • Answers to a few questions about why you're interested and how you feel about spending four days in the woods with a bunch of writers in close quarters. 
  • A writing sample. 
  • Confirmation that you're cool with paying for this deal. 
 Can't wait to see you at camp!

Can't wait to see you at camp!