Camp will be held at Godspeed Hostel in Port Matilda, Pennsylvania, which is just outside State College, PA and about a half hour from Altoona. The facility features a 20-person bunkhouse, 13 private rooms, and large event space that we’ll be using for meals and in the case of rain. A creek runs along the property and it’s just really nice back there, a perfect place for sitting and either writing or pretending to write. It’s lovely.  (Check out their Instagram to see Godspeed in action.)

Private/Shared Rooms

Rooms include a queen bed with futon couch and small table. They have electricity and heat, but not private bathrooms or showers.

Rooms can be single- or shared-occupancy. If you're sharing a room, please used the shared room application on the How to Apply page. We will not pair people who don’t already know each other into a shared room. If you have a non-writer in your life who would enjoy a mini-vacation, bring them along! Standard shared room fee applies.

Pictured from left to right: private room view from the bed, view from the door, view of private rooms from the bunkhouse. Visit the Godspeed Events and Lodging website for a full photo tour.


There is one large bunkhouse with two sections, each with five sets of full-sized bunk beds (writer math: the entire bunkhouse holds 20 people, 10 in each section). The Barrelhouse editors stay on one side. Bunkhouses are all-gender, but only feet away from the bathrooms and showers, making changing clothes in private easy to do. The bunkhouses are connected by a small common area with a futon. The entire bunkhouse facility is heated and air conditioned. Visit the Godspeed Events and Lodging website for a full photo tour.

Bathroom and Showers 

Bathroom and shower buildings are located a short walk from the sleeping areas and include private bathrooms and showers. There are four bathrooms and four showers, and this seems like the right ratio of people to bathroom/showers -- we haven't had any issues. Pictured from left: private bathroom (in bathroom facility), private shower (in shower facility), layout of the grounds with private rooms almost not visible in the very back, bunkhouse in between, then bathroom and shower facilities. Visit the Godspeed Events and Lodging website for a full photo tour.

Creeks, Meadows, and Other Lovely Things

Godspeed’s back boundary is Spring Creek, one of the most densely populated brown trout streams in Pennsylvania. Bring a swimsuit, some water shoes, or a fishing rod. A large meadow separates the event hall from the lodging area, perfect for a game of catch or a restorative yoga session. The nearby Allegheny mountains offer multiple opportunities for trail running, hiking, and mountain biking - feel free to ask us or Godspeed for tips and directions.

Note: It’s Rustic

The hostel is in the middle of Pennsylvania and pretty close to route 220, which isn’t a big road but is still a road. The private rooms don’t have AC or individual bathrooms. The internet works best closer to the office, and it can get temperamental. We’ll be in pretty close quarters. The hostel is new and really nice, but it's not a hotel and Port Matilda, PA is not Manhattan. If there's a little voice in your head whispering that this may not be for you after all, you should probably listen.

The beautiful surroundings matched with an incredibly laid-back group allowed for a no pressure atmosphere. Optional scheduled outings were a nice time to spend together getting to hang out with other writers. The camp itself—Godspeed Hostel—was the perfect location with the best owners I’ve ever met. I left feeling energized and with substantial ideas from meeting with an editor on my work. All in all: a great success.
— Marissa Schwalm, summer 2016