We can never decide what the perfect camp length is (other than forever, maybe). Four days? Five? Whether you're looking for an express version (long enough to get some work done, but short enough to not make crazy arrangements for jobs and kids and pets), or really want to dig in and take just one more day heading back into the real world, we've got a camp for you.

Camp 2:  Wednesday, July 31 - Sunday, August 4

5 days, 4 nights

  • Private room: $595

  • Shared room: $475 per person

  • All-gender bunkhouse: $495

  • Tent camping: $350 (You bring the tent, we'll provide the food and bathrooms.)

Camp 1: Thursday, June 20-Sunday, June 23

4 days, 3 nights

  • Private room: $500

  • Shared room: $350 per person

  • All-gender bunkhouse: $375

  • Tent camping: $300 (You bring the tent, we'll provide the food and bathrooms.)

Note: we won't pair strangers in the shared rooms, but we'd love for you to bring a friend and save some money! If you'd like to share a room, please use our shared room application. Your roommate doesn’t need to be a writer! If you have a friend or family member who would like to spend a few days in a relaxing environment, let us know. The more the merrier.

What do you get for your fee?


Your choice of a private room, a shared room, or a space in the bunkhouse. (See our facilities and location page to learn more about each option.)

Meals and Drinks

All meals will be prepared by Godspeed Hostel and are included in the price. If you have any dietary considerations, just let us know - the Grande family, our hosts, are excellent cooks and can accommodate just about anything.  All meals will include vegetarian and gluten-free options. If you need additional dietary allowances, let us know. There may be a $25 fee.

Barrelhouse will pay for a welcome party (beer, wine, bourbon, soda, whatever) on the first night and we'll figure out any beer/wine/bourbon cost sharing after that. 

Meet with an editor

One-hour sessions with an editor. One during the shorter camp, or two during the longer camp. You choose the topic, and we try to pair you with an editor in a similar genre. Please note: this is totally optional. If you'd rather take the extra time to write (or nap, or fish, or whatever), you won't hurt our feelings. :)

Group Activity

Something off-site every day. Hiking, canoeing, trips to the Penn State Creamery, or visiting State College. 

Supporting a Family-Owned Business and the Writing Community

Most of your fee goes to Godspeed Hostel to pay for food and lodging. As you’ll see, it’s a beautiful place and the Grande family takes amazing care of us. The rest goes to Barrelhouse. Our editors are volunteers, so we use camp funds to pay writers, fund our Amplifier grant for upcoming literary organizations, and keep building relationships and increasing outreach in the lit community.

What’s not included?


We can pick you up and drop you off at the State College airport, or the local train and bus stations, but other than that, travel costs are your own. 

Alcohol after the first night

Either bring your own or pitch in - ten or twenty bucks should take care of it for the remainder of camp.

Additional Costs for Outings

We try to keep our outings free-to-cheap - hikes, arboretums, etc. However, there may be incidental fees (kayak rentals, ice cream, an hour of laser tag) that are not included. We try to keep it under twenty bucks per session, and have a free option as well.

Note: It’s rustic. 

The hostel is in the middle of Pennsylvania and pretty close to route 220, which isn’t a big road but is still a road. Even the private rooms don’t have bathrooms. The internet works best closer to the office, and it can get temperamental. We’ll be in pretty close quarters. The hostel is new and really nice, but it's not a hotel and Port Matilda, PA is not Manhattan. If there's a little voice in your head whispering that this may not be for you after all, you should probably listen.

Refund Policy

  • Cancellations four weeks or more prior to camp will receive a 50% refund.

  • No refunds for cancellations within one month of camp. If you cannot come, please contact us as soon as possible and we’ll try to find a replacement. If a replacement is found, we’ll refund 50% of your fee.

Writer Camp is so much fun! I made new friends, worked on some new stories, drank beer around a campfire. The location is beautiful and inspiring. The people are awesome. I’ve been telling all my friends they should go next year!
— Shasta Grant, summer 2016